Painting Artist, Deny Cloutier has painted 1011 scenes on 20" x 24" canvases fom May 5th to May 11th in 1986. This was accomplished in 7 days, while painting 15 hours per day, in front of millions of people. Every one of these scenic paintings were different. With this unbelievable feat, Deny was entered into the Guiness Book of Worl Record for the most productive painter in the world in 1986. Since then he has been named "The Magician of Colors".

denyHe has been doing paintings on TV shows since 1981. His pleasure is to paint what nature offers us.

The Media refer to him as The Magician of Colors as he is able to create an inexhaustible range of paintings inspired by all of the colors offered to him through all of our four seasons.

In 1988, he held the biggest private viewing in the world, presenting a collection of 760 paintings. His smallest canvas was the approximate dimension of a dime (approx.. 6 mm X 6 mm).

While situated at the Galeries de la Capitale in Quebec from March 12th – March 19th in 1994, he successfully beat his own productivity record while painting 1011 canvasses of 20 X 24 inches in 83 hours. All of those paintings were sold on the spot and all of the proceeds donated to the Quebec Division of the MS Canadian Foundation.

Since the start of the 1980’s, Deny made himself known in Quebec and other Canadian provinces through his own Television show where he divulged the secrets of his talents.

During the past 40 years, Deny Cloutier developed impressive techniques allowing him to paint realistic landscapes with an unbelievable beauty. With each brush stroke (some of them 2 to 3 inches in width) appear mountains, trees, plants, a calm lake or turbulent river with a beautiful blue sky. Depending on his inspiration, he can add clouds, rain or whiten the landscape with snow. Plants appear here and there, around buildings or rocks. A boat might be tied at the dock. Birds might appear flying over the landscapes.

In an astonishing manner, every canvas has its own identity. Deny explains that as a poet uses a great volume of words to express his sentiments or theme, he similarly plays with an inexhaustible amount of colors offered to his own imagination. Deny sees a great source of inspiration in what nature has to offer.

In the past 40 years, Deny has mastered his own painting techniques. He fascinates numerous people who can watch him paint for hours. He is able to paint several hundred different landscapes without needing a model.

Deny has worked very hard since his adolescence to master his work habits and achieve such success. He has painted over 40,000 paintings to date and he is not finished. He is therefore the most productive painter in the world.

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